2021 Spring Mason Dixon Conference Meeting Update

It is with regret that West Virginia II is having to cancel the Spring MDC weekend. As most of you are aware, West Virginia’s Governor has issued an Executive Order mandating that there be no social gatherings of more than twenty-five (25) people at this time. This has been the order since November 2020 and it appears from his office that this will continue until at least August 2021. With our State having the largest numbers of Covid 19 cases still increasing and with a new strain coming in, we feel confident that he will either extend the date OR if we are lucky, increase the number to between 25-100? Either way, it is impossible to plan for, yet hold, an event for “just a few” and risk the financial guarantees associated with sponsoring the event.

We all know how much work goes into setting up this type of event and it saddens us to have to cancel this event. We have done this so that the other vendors have time to rebook or reschedule their calendars. We don’t want the hotel or caterers to lose out because we did not give them enough time adjust. We have contacted the hotel and they have canceled all rooms in the block for the event but if you would like you can call the hotel to confirm that your room has been canceled. (304-630-2266)

On behalf of West Virginia II, we again apologize to everyone and hope that our path’s will cross again soon… Ride with Pride

Ed Martin, President
West Virginia II